Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt is a limited-time event for individual players in DinoRPG. The first Monster Hunt began July 12th, 2010, and ended July 21st 2010 at server time 14:00. A special Monster Hunter Ranking score list was created for this event.

In order to gain ranks, you must hunt certain enemies and collect special dropped items worth varying numbers of points. These items do not appear in your inventory - tallies only appear in your Monster Hunter Ranking entry. At the end of the event the top players will receive prizes.

Monster Hunt Items

Item Points Dropped By Frequency
Giant Wishbone 5 Giant Chicken Common
Tin of Sweetcorn 100 Green Giant Very Rare
White Fang 25 Wolf Rare
Tube of Lockrite 50 Gluon Rare

First Monster Hunt Rewards

First Monster Hunt Top 5 Ranks

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