Master Zenith

Master Zenith

Allows you to create your Dojo Mission Giver


An old man is meditating, motionless, in a corner. He eyes you up carfully while stroking his narrow goatee... Watching you going round in circles seems to amuse him greatly...

  1. Hey, hey old-timer!
    You're not ready yet, you impudent youngster.
  2. (Bow before the master)
    I hear you like to fight, young apprentice...
    1. I'm training to become the best!
      Haha, your enthusiasm reminds me of my youth, I'd pass time toughening myself up by taking out monsters at the Steppes with my bare hands...
      1. (Great! Another old storyteller...)
        I can see doubt and disbelief in your eyes... at least it's not boredom ! Unlucky for you. (conversation end)
      2. (Act surprised.)
        I can see doubt and disbelief in your eyes... at least it's not boredom ! Unlucky for you. (conversation end)
      3. (Don't move !)
        Well, well, your heart seems clear, you have no doubts, you must be ready to build your own dojo.
        1. My Dojo?
          Yes, with my help, you will be able to build your dojo wherever you choose in Dinoland. This place of meditation and improvement will allow you to fight the other Dinoz masters who roam these lands. You will also be able to participate in the Inter-Dojo Championship, a competition which will demonstrate your bravery and skill to all who watch.
          1. What do I need to do to build my dojo ?
            Choose a place where you wish to build your dojo. You will always be able to come back and see me if you need my help. Now be off with you...
            1. OK !
              You set off with a spring in your step, are you ready to face the challenges before you?
              (You can now build your Dojo.)

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