Master Hydargol

Master Hydargol

Mutant Falls
Gives you the Fountain Pearl and access to Grumhel Forest.


The Mutant Falls are one of the most popular places for Zenzen monks to meditate. That's why you can often find them walking around here. They often sit on large waterlily pads, and try to meditate for as long as possible ... without being swept away by the current! Many monks who fall asleep often fall in and are never seen again.

  1. Talk to Master Hydargol
    1. Hello!
    2. What's up?
      ....Ah? Uh ... yes ... can you ... bring me ...Zzzz ... zzz....
      1. Bring you... ?
        ...Ah? Uh ... yes ... bring me ... a pad ... of waterlily....
        1. And where can I find that?
          ...find ... my ... apprentice padamonk ... Zzz ... zzz....
    3. Give the waterlily pads (if you have the Waterlily Pads)
      ... thanks... I will... at last... meditate on... the Falls!!!! I offer you this Pearl as a reward. Added to your Item Collection!
    4. What's up? (if you have the Fountain Pearl)
      Youhouhhh!!! That's great! Look ... I'm levitating!
      1. Show the Zors Glove (if you have Zors Glove)
        Oooh!!! You have a Zors Glove, that's incredible!
        1. Why?
          Let me explain. The Zors glove has the ability to stop the Falls from flowing. This means that, with the help of the waterlily pad, you'll be able to go around the Falls and access Grumhel Forest.
          1. That's great news!
            Well, if you promise to let me use your Glove from time-to-time, I lend you my waterlily pad which will allow you to pass through the Falls ... Do we have a deal?
            1. Ok
              Here's your waterlily pad ... Now you'll be able to pass through the Falls. Good luck for the rest of your adventure! And take care, the Forest is very dangerous!
            2. No way
              Let me explain. The Zors glove has the ability to ... (back two steps in the conversation)

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