0 gold
Starting skill
Starting elements
Elem 0 0, Elem 1 0, Elem 2 1, Elem 3 0, Elem 4 2
Chance to level up
Elem 0 5%, Elem 1 40%, Elem 2 40%, Elem 3 10%, Elem 4 5%

Additional information:

Needs to be unlocked, by completing a mission given by Grandpa Joe once you have access to the Magnetic Steppes.

According to a french site:
- Talk to Grandpa Joe - Dig at the Lodestone Pylons with the Lucky Shovel - Talk to Grandpa Joe - Go to Sticky Swamp - Go to Dinoplaza - Talk to Seller of Wine - Go to Mutant Falls - Talking to the Tired Man - Go to Ashpouk Ruins - Talk to Merguez Seller - Go Mutant Falls - Talk to Al Zaimeur - Go to Frish Port - Talk to Joveboze (so he gives you a fish) - Go to Lavapit - Dig for salt - Go to Sticky Swamp - Talk to Al Zaimeur - Going to The University - Talk to Professor Eugene - Talk to Grandpa Joe - Wait 2 hours and talk to him again. - Go to the Twilight Cemetary - Talk to Skully with the Skully Souvenir - Go to Mutant Falls - Talk to Al Zaimeur - Talk to Grandpa Joe - Go to Sticky Swamp - Fight Rapacarapace (which really hurts)! - Go to Grandpa Joe


- 6 Tac Tickets*

  • The tac tickets can be used to search a square at Grandpa Joe's house. The grid is 6 by 6, so 36 squares and only one square has a single Mahamuti. It isn't each tac ticket that has a 1/6 chance in finding one, it is that 6 tac tickets total have a 1/6 chance.
  • It is recommended that you sell the tac tickets at the Tamer Market, as you can get a decent price for them rather than having a very low chance of finding a baby Mahamuti.


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