Magic Shop

Magic Shop

At the heart of a small Dinotown street, adventurers get lost sometime and find then the Magic Shop. Extremely rare and powerful items are sold here. They can't be bought with common gold coins. On the other hand, these items are cursed: once equiped on a Dinoz, they can't be removed for many days!
Additional Notes
Only appears if you have at least 1 Gold Napodino in your inventory.

Items for sale

Banishment Banishment, 6 Gold Napodino
Battering Ram Battering Ram, 3 Gold Napodino
Ember Ember, 5 Gold Napodino
Scale Scale, 4 Gold Napodino
Beer Beer, 5 Gold Napodino
Encyclopedia Encyclopedia, 5 Gold Napodino
Antichromatic Antichromatic, 3 Gold Napodino
Antipoison Antipoison, 6 Gold Napodino

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