Our last lesson will be to study the Water element....
Complete Lesson 4 - Air.
Assigned By 
Elemental Master

How to complete this quest

  1. Speak with the Elemental Master 2 times.
  2. Go to Mr Bao Bob's House and speak with Mr. Bao Bob.
  3. Go to Mutant Falls. A fight with 2 Pirhan-Os triggers upon arrival.
  4. Go to Sticky Swamp. Kill 2 Pirhan-Os.
  5. Go to Coral Mines. Kill 2 Pirhan-Os.
  6. Go to Waikiki Island. Kill 2 Pirhan-Os.
  7. Go to Mr Bao Bob's House. Kill 2 Pirhan-Os. Speak with Mr. Bao Bob 5 times.
  8. Go to Lavapit. Talk to Elemental Master.
  9. Complete the mission at Lavapit



When I moved my dinoz to the next island as leader of a group, no fight with Pirhan-Os triggered (normal opponents instead). It looks like they have to be killed in solo-fight. Also the description was "0/1 Pirhan-Os to kill", so maybe lower level dinoz will just meet one of them.

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