Wood element. An underestimated yet powerful element.
Complete Lesson 2 - Fire
This quest requires a minimum of 19 steps.
Assigned By 
Elemental Master

How to complete this quest

  1. Speak with the Elemental Master 3 times.
  2. Go to the Tunnel under the Branch. Click "Find Out".
  3. Go to the Lavapit. Speak with the Elemental Master.
  4. Find the right place (Dinotown).
  5. Click "Fight the Avenger Korgons". This will trigger a battle with three Avenger Korgons.
  6. Find the right place (Waikiki Island). CLick on "Korgon Avengers" (this will NOT trigger a fight).
  7. Find the right place (Sticky Swamp) and fight two Avenger Korgons. See additional information under Notes below.
  8. Pick up the Magic Wand.
  9. Complete the mission at Lavapit


  • 2000 gold


One of them is larger than the usual korgon. On its first attack it uses an attack called Cursed Wand. This will cut the hp in half and stops the dinoz from gaining xp in fights. This curse will show as "status item". To get rid of it, go to the Ashpouk Ruins. The Cursed Shop will be accessible, here you can buy Devil Ointment for 6000 gold. This will get rid of the curse. Hint: when you are at the shop for the first time and have some gold left, buy several Ointments. This way you don't waste xp the next time one of your dinoz does that mission.

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