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Dinoland World: "The Katatombs are back"

There is an ancient grave in the Twilight Cemetary where all the Dinoland Kings were buried in the past. This place is known as the "Katatombs".

The entrance was sealed, but time passing, the seal lost all its power and is now broken.

The grave entrance is opened, some Dinoz Masters went inside the Katatombs and reported that this place is full of monsters and treasures.

A new adventure awaits for the brave Dinoz Masters (it is too dangerous for normal people).

Tip of the day: don't forget to take some paper and a pencil to make a map of the dungeon.

-- Professor Eugene

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  • To reach the Twilight Cemetary your Dinoz have to Move from Frish Port when they have no more than 10 HP. You cannot "cheat" by having only the group leader at 10 HP, since the group leader will only move with other Dinoz below 10 HP.
  • Skully only appears when you have less than 10 HP as well, so if you want to talk to her you should do so before resting.
  • Once inside the Katatombs, you can move as far as you want on a single turn, but your turn ends when you attack an enemy.
  • Picking up an item does not end your turn. Neither does opening doors.
  • There are Pirhan-Os in the Katatombs. They behave very much like ordinary Pirhanoz, but their strength is incredible. They have been seen attacking with 7-8 damage with each attack, so make sure you are well equipped before entering.
  • Beware! Smashrooms are still Smashrooms and Wolves are still Wolves, but they can be accompanied by higher level enemies, such as the Giant Chickens.
  • The enemy companions are random each time you attack them. If you die on your first try there is no need to remember what you died against because it will be a different group of enemies on your second try.

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