The Strange Man is called Mysterious Punk when you first see him.
Frish Port (randomly, check every hour)
Rewards you with the Kabuki Dinoz.

Additional information

As announced in the News on August 7, 2009, there is a Strange Man in Frish Port. He will appear randomly, so check every hour to see if he's there. To complete this quest you will need 10,000 gold coins, assorted ingredients, the Lantern, and it is recommended you have a Dinoz of level 20 or above. Note that you can do this quest while working on other missions.

  1. Do the dialogue chain with the Mysterious Punk and pay 10,000 gold .
  2. Wait at Frish Port until he comes back (random time, check every hour).
  3. You will win the bet of 100,000 gold (you don't need to have 100,000 to do this, and you will never actually get any gold either).
  4. Go to Forges of the Big All-Hot and talk to "Disguised Yakuzi". Fight Yakuzi (50 HP).
  5. Go to the Deep Gorges (requires Lantern).
  6. Talk to "Frozen Yakuzi". You will fight him for a bit, then he will leave and the remainder of the fight will be against a Kabuki. (Kabuki has 100 HP)
  7. Go to the University and talk to Professor Igor. Wait for him to return, then give him these Ingredients:
  8. Wait up to three days (up to 72 hours).
  9. Go to Coral Mines and fight Igor. You will lose this fight.
  10. A new path has opened, follow it to pursue Professor Igor. You will get lost, meet up with Yakuzi, and return to the Coral Mines.
  11. Go to Totem Island for the last fight. You will fight Professor Igor and his three dinoz (two Santaz and a Gorilloz) with help from Yakuzi and his two Kabukis. You will receive the Kabuki Aura
  12. Talk to Yakuzi. He will give you a Kabuki Egg.



  • A well trained level 16 Dinoz could do it, and possibly a group of even lower level Dinoz. However, for guaranteed victory a level 20 Dinoz is recommended.
  • You can do this mission while on other missions and with any dinoz you have. This means you can speak with the Strange Man at the Frish Port with one Dinoz, and then fight with him at the other places with other Dinoz to save you the time of running after him, even do it in the same turn.

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