We've found a group of people growing illegal drugs in the Sticky Swamp. They then export them to the capital. We need someone to go and investigate. This means you must go to the Atlanteid Islands.
Buoy Buoy, completed Police Chase
This quest requires a minimum of 19 steps.
Assigned By 
Madam X

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Sticky Swamp and investigate.
  2. Kill the Borg (100 HP) with the help of three delinquents.
  3. Talk to the three delinquents: Jean-Hubert, Charles-Edouard, and Louis-Stanislas.
  4. Go back to BrutForce and speak with Madam X twice.
  5. Go to the Sticky Swamp again, and talk to Louis-Stanislas.
  6. Go to the University.
  7. Wait 29 hours. (1d 5h)
  8. Talk to Jean-Hubert.
  9. Validate the mission in BrutForce.


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