Market Place
Teaches you about Sponsor Tickets.


Hello you! How are you? Me, I'm fine! I have found a way to earn a lot of gold coins! Interested?

  1. Gold coins? Of course, I'm interested!
    Do you know Sponsorship? It's an easy way to become millionaire in gold coins, like me!
    1. Ha, what is needed for that?
      The principle is very easy: you ask to your friend to sign up on DinoRPG, and for each friend who signs up and play you win a "Sponsor ticket", directly in your Inventory! These tickets give you the possibility to win many treasures!
      1. Sponsor Tickets?
        Yes, once you obtain a Sponsor Ticket you can go on the Market Place to use it. You will be able to dig one square per Ticket and maybe find a big Treasure!
      2. What can we win?!?
        Most of the Tickets will give you gold coins, but people say that there is a possibility to find an extremely rare Dinoz Egg and especially very powerfull! In all case, it's really wanted by all Dinoz Masters....
      3. How to sponsor?
        To sponsor, you juste have to read the Sponsor Manual that I wrote, you will find all the useful information!
        1. Thanks, I will take a look now!
          This option takes you to The Sponsor Manual
  2. not really ... I have already too many ...
    The young girl has left crying. You have surely hurt her by refusing her help, maybe you should listen to her until the end next time....