Injured Soldier

Injured Soldier

Gives you the Member Card in order to access the training center at the Lavapit.


You pass an Injured Soldier sprawled out on the side of the street. He appears to be in a very bad state, but it seems he's still conscious........barely.

  1. Talk to him
    Some.........bread .......please!
    1. Give a warm bread to the soldier
      .....yum.....yum...THANKS!!! I feel much better already, you're my saviour!
      1. Please, don't mention it. I'm glad you're feeling better!
        WAIT!!! I want to reward you! You see, I wasn't always like this. I took part in special training at the Lavapit Caves. It's very hard and very expensive, but it makes you very strong. HERE! Take this Membership Card for your Dinoz, I don't need it anymore...
        (receive Member Card)
    2. Give Nothing
      You don't stop, but instead keep walking, it's dangerous to talk to strangers!

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