To Harvest, click on a square to see what is below. If you are lucky you will find plants.

Harvesting is a special action that gives your Dinoz the ability to gather ingredients from forests. It is based on the collecting skills of the Elem 4 Air element. That means your Dinoz needs one of the skills Gathering or Sharp-Eye to harvest. Your Dinoz will only be able to perform this collecting action at certain places, which are listed below.

After you uncover every square in a grid, the next time you perform this collection skill, you will receive 1,000 gold and the grid will reset.


Gathering might get you the following plants:

Sharp-Eye might get you the following plants:


It is currently confirmed that you can Harvest in the following places:

Elem 0 Go Hunting Elem 1 Excavate Elem 2 Go Fishing Elem 3 Energise Elem 4 Harvest
(6 x 6 grid) (10 x 10 grid) (7 x 7 grid) (6 x 6 grid) (8 x 8 grid)
Smashroom Hunter
Fur Tuft
Giant Hunter
Sharp Claws
Dragon Hunter
Chocolate Horn
Viscous Eye
Sharpened Flint
Ancient Text Fragment
Fine-cut Chalice
Apprentice Fisherman
Lujidanee Grouper
Skilled Fisherman
Master Fisherman
Lightning Conductor
Lightning Energy
Elemental Fission
Fire Energy
Wood Energy
Water Energy
Air Energy
Pelinae Leaves
White Phalisk Boletus
Whimsical Orchid
Sadiquae Mordicus
Figonicia Roots
Click the images for more information about each ingredient.
Ingredients can be collected from different areas of Dinoland, by Dinoz with Collect Skills.

They can either be sold for gold coins to the Itinerant Merchant, sold for gold coins to other players at the Tamers Market, traded for Treasury Notes with the Shady Man, or donated to your Clan to help during Clan Wars.

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