Grouping your Dinoz!

Grouping your dinoz has a few requirements. First off, your dinoz must be at the same location, second they must both be able to perform an action, IE fight or move.

Once both of your dinoz are at the same location and able to perform an action simply click "Follow" Follow Image . Once you have clicked Follow you will see the list of dinoz that can either be the Leader, or the Follower.

Either Leader or Follower doesn't matter for "Stronger Dino must be the leader" It doesn't matter, they move as 1, and fight as 1.

Select the Dinoz that you want to be the "Follower" and click "Follow" when you do you'll see both or all dinoz at that location. Select which ever dinoz you want to be the leader by clicking "Follow [Dinoz Name]" This dino will be the leader of the group, and all dinoz in this group will follow, and fight with this dinoz.

It's rather straight forward.

The Benefits of Grouping:

- Increased gold reward from each battle.

- Less health lost to each dinoz. (Generally)

- More definiative chances of winning the battle.

- You can group your dinoz to move a more "Prone to Death" dinoz to a certain location. IE you have 1 dinoz which dies rather easily, but you need to complete a quest, group it and move it. It's chances for survival double or triple.

- Benefitial skills get applied to multiple dinoz. Such as "Leafy Dawn which will add health points to all dinoz in your group.

- Experiance from battle is shared evenly amoung all dinoz in a group, meaning they will Level together.

The Negatives of Grouping:

- Questing often takes much longer.

- Some quest can't be done in groups.

Such as many of the hunting quest etc. Each dinoz will have to kill X number of monsters by them selfs, or as the leader to complete the quest.

- The daily game play is shorter because you have less dinoz to make seperate moves.

If you have something to add, by all means go ahead.

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