Type of item: Epic Reward

Official description

Fountain Pearl
  Each day, your Dinoz can recover health at the Fountain of Youth, thanks to the pearl.

Use / Purpose

Your Dinoz will recover 5 HP at midnight (current game time can be seen at the bottom of the right sidebar) by simply being at the Fountain of Youth. In contrast to normal resting, you can recover more than 50% of your health points using the Pearl.

How to obtain

  1. Go to Mutant Falls
  2. Talk to Master Hydargol (He asks you to bring him a Waterlily Pads.)
  3. Go to Frish Port
  4. Talk to Apprentice Padamonk (He gives you the Waterlily Pads.)
  5. Go back to Mutant Falls
  6. Talk to Master Hydargol again (He rewards you with the Pearl.)

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