Forest Warden

Forest Warden

Blacksylva Door
Mission Giver


You're standing in front of an enormous tree. It's extremely old but very wise. Slowly but surely, the trees' leaves start to rustle and move in your direction.

  1. Shake the tree
    While shaking the tree, you hear a strange growl coming from inside the bark! Something falls suddenly from the leaves and hits you on your head....Plunk!
    1. Ouch! What was that?
      It's a big hazelnut wrapped inside a scroll. To your surprise, you find that something written on the scroll!
      1. Check missions list
        Quest: The Forest Warden
        Quest: The Green Thumb
        Quest: Right to cut
        Quest: The King of the Jungle
        Quest: Make a Wish
        Quest: A Jack For The Forest
        Quest: Monkey Money

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