Action Follow Dinoz can can form groups and work as a team while traveling the map.

In order to follow, both the lead and the soon-to-be-following Dinoz must be in the location and must not have taken an action this turn and are not resting. Clicking on the "Follow" menu option brings up a list of Dinoz sharing that location both available and unavailable for following. This does not cost an action.

Lead Dinoz will be marked with a Small leader crown, while following Dinoz will be marked with an Small follow arrow. A Dino can have a max of 2 followers. A following Dino cannot have followers.

All members of the group move with the leader unless they lack an item or status to allow them to enter the area on their own. For example, if the lead Dino has the Climbing Gear and the following Dinoz do not, they would be left behind if the group tried to reach the Basalt Slopes

All members of the group participate in combat while traveling the map or using the Fight action. Enemy level is dependent on the highest level Dino in the group. The total experience points appearing at the end of combat is given to each of the surviving Dinoz who participated in the fight. Special fights, such as Professor Eugene's training fights, can only be done by individual Dinoz and will not include other group members. Combat towards quest quotas (ie: "Kill 2 Wolves") will only count towards the leader's quota.

While leading, a Dino can do any action normally available to it, though the Madam_Irma's_Potion option becomes Madam Irma's Potion: Group.

While following, a Dino can:

  • Rest, but will be left behind if the Group moves while they are still resting. If the group participates in combat while the Dino is resting, they will continue to rest and not participate in combat, but will still be attached to the group.
  • Stop Resting
  • Dig (if they have a Lucky Shovel
  • Use a Collect skill
  • Talk to NPCs
  • Do most Quest actions
  • Level Up
  • Revive (though not using an Angel Potion will send the Dino to Dinotown and out of the group)
  • Stop Following (does not cost an action)

Action Irmas Potion Group Madam Irma's Potion: Group requires you have one potion per member of the group in your inventory in order to work. If you do not have enough potions, you will be prompted to buy more.


The following skills affect groups and following:

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