As you have probably noticed, this region is swarming with Flamelets. Even if their presence is necessary to complete the cosmic equilibrium, they have now overpopulated Dinoland and some need to be culled! We have to hurry. Go to the Tunnel under the Branch passing alongside the crater. The place is swarming with them!
Completed The Archelionscarer
This quest requires a minimum of 7 steps.
Assigned By 
Soft Shaman

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Tunnel under the Branch and inspect the Ashes Pile.
  2. Find the right place (Go to Forges of the Big All-Hot). Speak with Forges Artisan.
  3. Go to Ashpouk Ruins and Sniff.
  4. Kill 5 Flamelets and search around.
  5. Validate the mission at Lavapit.


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