Gain access to Dinotown Clinic

Additional information

As announced in the News on September 1, 2010, there is a Nurse in Dinotown looking to meet you Note that you can do this quest while working on other missions. You must be a member of a clan to finish this mission.

  1. Go to Dinotown and talk to Nurse
  2. Go to the University and talk to Professor Eugene
  3. Return to Dinotown and talk to Michael The Guide
  4. Go west to Dinoplaza. (If you cannot access it, speak with Michael). Speak with the Wine Merchant
  5. Return to Dinotown and speak with Anna Tomie. This will activate the "Build the Clinic" action. Each click requires one turn. It takes 600 clicks to build the clinic and you must be a member of a clan in order to build. Each clan member's click adds to the overall build total. If you are not a member of a clan, you cannot build the clinic nor complete this mission.
  6. Speak with Anna Tomie twice to unlock the clinic missions and healing.

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