0 gold
Starting elements
Elem 0 1, Elem 1 1, Elem 2 1, Elem 3 0, Elem 4 0
Chance to level up
Elem 0 30%, Elem 1 30%, Elem 2 30%, Elem 3 5%, Elem 4 5%

How to Get One: First you must refer friends to play the game (as explained here). Then those referred friends need to spend real life currency for in-game gold coins. Then you must be lucky in the Sponsor Tickets game and find a Feross Egg.

Between February 16-26, 2011 any player that bought gold or tickets using real money, received 1 sand castle ticket per 10.000 gold. By using sand castle tickets in fish port, there is a possibility to get a Feross egg (2 per grid; 2% chance, not confirmed).

The top ranked player of the first Monster Hunt event also received a Feross Egg.

You can also get an egg by completing a dungeon in the magnetic steppes.

Starting skill Cuirass: Reduces part of the damage at the moment of an opponent's attack, sometimes, if the opponent's attack is low enough, this skill can reduce the damage to 0 points!!