The Dinoz Shop (or Dinoz Enclosure) is where you buy your very own Dinoz.

  • Every day at midnight (CET) you will be given 15 random Dinoz to choose from. If you don't like today's choices, wait until tomorrow and you will be given 15 new Dinoz.
  • The Dinoz available to you are yours alone and cannot be seen by any other player.
  • If you decide to buy one of the Dinoz in your shop, the remaining 14 will disappear and be replaced by 15 new choices. If you like 2 of your available Dinoz, make sure you buy your first choice first because your second choice will disappear.
  • It may seem like a certain color of a certain type is rare to you, but it is most likely only bad luck. There are thousands, if not millions, of different combinations to create and it is very unlikely that your favorite looks will be generated just for you. If looks are important to you, be ready to wait for weeks or even months to get your perfect Dinoz.

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