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Defenses against certain element reduce incoming damage. You can check your Dinoz' defenses by entering details tab.


It's obscured how defenses applied to the damage. Needs to be checked if it's just simple reduction.

Boosting defenses

The only known item is Refrigerated Shield - Elem 0 +20.

Elem 0: Absolute Zero +25, Vigilance +5

Elem 2: Stealth +2

Elem 1: Endurance +2, Gaia Path +3, Forest Keeper +3 for group

Elem 3: Stealth +2, Gaia Path +3

Elem 4: Elasticity +3, Stealth +2, Lonely Meditation +3, Transcendental Meditation +6

Skills that add elements

Additional elements increase ALL defenses implicitly.

Incandescent Aura: Elem 0+2

Primary Teacher: Elem 0+2, Elem 2+2

Brave: Elem 0+6

Master Swimmer: Elem 2+5

Wild Instinct: Elem 1+2

Corrosive Archangel: Elem 0+2, Elem 3+1

Genesive Archangel: Elem 2+2, Elem 3+1

Skills related to defenses



Defenses calculated in the following manner.


Defence_against_element = 0.5*(strength_of_preceding_elements) + 1*strength_of_this_element + 1.5*(strength_of_following_elements)


E.g. you have elements: 1,2,3,4,5. Calculating of wood - (I had to edit this cos someones a dumbass) defence will look like this:

Defence_against_wood = 0.5*(5+1) + 1*2 + 1.5*(3+4) = 3 + 2 + 10.5 = 16 (rounded up)

So all defenses will be: 13,16,18,16,13.

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