Coral Miner

Coral Miner

Coral Mines
Gives you the Shovel and fixes it when necessary.


Pinc! Pinc! Pinc! Pffff this coral is harder than stone, have you noticed that before?

  1. Yes
    Without shovel: Ah, so you know about that? Hm. Well, here, take this old shovel. I'll lend it to you so you can dig. It's in bad shape so it'll break after just one use, but it's lucky. It'll dig up the hugest treasures of Dinoland! What do you say?
    You get the Shovel.
    With shovel: So what do you think of my shovel?
    With broken shovel: You've broken my shovel? Give it to me! There you go, I've fixed it! Ah! Hold on, aren't you forgetting something?
    1. Thanks!
      You're welcome! Come back whenever your shovel is broken. I'll fix it for you so you can use it again.
  2. No
    Pffff, it's very difficult to dig here, that's why it requires strong men like me to do this job.
    1. Really?
      Yeah! I'm not joking. Check out these muscles! I've even been nominated in the Heavy Miner category at this year's Coral Awards”.
      1. Are you being serious?
        Yes! Absolutely! I'll have to work very hard if I want to look like my idol...
        1. ...
          Hello? You're not going to ask me who my idol is?
          1. Ermm ... who's your idol?
            Why, the one-and-only Sylverter Staline of course. He's the three-time winner of the Coral Awards in the “Ultimate Muscles” and “Retorts That Kill” categories. He's so cool, and he always kills the bad guys!!
            1. He must be really strong!
              Yes, he's the strongest! Ahh, the good old days. I could talk about them for hours... but, it's time to leave. I have work to do! See you later! Pinc! Pinc! Pinc!

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