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Paradino Cinema

The travel map of Cinema Paradino.

Paradino Cinema fight

The battle background of Cinema Paradino.


At the foothills of the Small Canyon, one of the Pre-dinozian caves has been converted into a magnificent Cinema. The latest films are shown here and budding filmmakers can even come here to learn how to make their own films.

Neighbor Locations

Additional information

  • This area opened on August 2nd 2010 on the english server.
  • By clicking on "Cinema Paradino", you can enter the cinema to view, rate, and create mini dinoz movies.
    • Existing movies can be listed by most recent, highest rated, and most popular. Click on a title to view it.
    • Clicking on "Make a Film" at the bottom of the page allows you to make your own film. A more detailed description of production can be found here.

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