Wood Element
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
P: Carapace S: Sympathetic P: Faroe Heritage E: Gorilloz Spirit  
C: Planner    
E: Vines E: Primal State Elem 5 P: Shock  
Elem 3 P: Gaia Path  
E: Precocious Spring P: Forest Keeper  
P: Endurance P: Growth S: Cocoon P: Giant P: Colossus
Elem 5 P: Basalt Armor  
Elem 0 P: Waïkikidô  
P: Wide Jaw    
C: Search C: Search Expert    
C: Detective C: Archeologist  
P: Savagery E: Korgon Reinforcement P: Acrobat    
P: Wild Instinct U: Engineer  
Elem 5 A: Jolt  
Elem 4 A: Ejector Palms  
P: Tenacity S: Charisma U: Leader  
E: Magic Resistance Elem 5 P: Tireless  
Elem 2 S: Without Mercy


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