Water Element
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
A: Water Cannon E: Cold Shower S: Acupuncture    
S: Sapper U: Shop Keeper
Elem 5 P: Bubble  
Elem 4 P: Vaporous Form  
A: Gel A: Petrification A: Sher-Kaar Ray  
P: Absolute Zero Elem 5 P: Primary Teacher  
Elem 0 E: Combustion  
P: Mutation P: Underwater Karate E: Aqueous Clone    
S: Poisoned Claws S: Acid Blood  
S: Ventral Pouch S: Without Mercy Elem 5 P: Tireless
Elem 1 E: Magic Resistance
P: Sumo U: Cooker  
P: Perception C: Apprentice Fisherman E: Marsh Elem 5 P: Electrolysis  
Elem 3 A: Lightning  
C: Skilled Fisher C: Master Fisher  
A: Tricky Hits A: Fatal Hits    
P: Undersea Training P: Adv. Undersea Training S: Master Swimmer


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