Lightning Element
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
P: Celerity P: Lightning Attack P: Hazard
P: Double Hit A: Lightning Dance
A: Lightning Elem 5 P: Electrolysis
Elem 2 E: Marsh
S: Career Plan S: Reincarnation
E: Focus S: Concentration P: Kaos Path A: Blazing Twilight P: Corrosive Archangel
Elem 5 P: Sprint  
Elem 0 A: Kamikaze  
P: Gaia Path A: Leafy Dawn P: Genesive Archangel
Elem 5 P: Shock  
Elem 1 E: Primal State  
S: Regeneration E: Hermetic Aura
E: Saving Puree E: Benediction U: Priest
S: Intelligence C: Lightning Conductor P: Diamond Fangs
C: Elemental Fission U: Merchant
S: First Aid S: Medicine S: Hospital Porter
P: Adrenaline Elem 5 P: Overload
Elem 4 P: Elasticity


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