To reach the Grumhel Forest your Dinoz will need to follow these steps, not necessarily in the said order. Make sure your Dinoz is of a high enough level before entering the fights. This procedure will have to be done by each Dinoz for them to be able to get to the Forest.

  1. Go to The University and talk to Professor Eugene, fight the Fire Elemental to get Climbing Gear and the Water Elemental to get Buoy.
  2. Go to Coral Mines and talk to Coral Miner to get Lucky Shovel.
  3. Dig at Basalt Slopes to get Basalt Shard, The Fountain of Youth to get Pure Water, and Sticky Swamp to get Swamp Mud.
  4. Go to Mutant Falls and talk to Atlantean Guard. Then go to Frish Port and talk to Joveboze, fight the Old Scorpscuba to get Scorpscuba Caller.
  5. Go to Underwater Dome and show Basalt ShardPure WaterSwamp Mud to ArchSage, fight the Earth Elemental to get Zors Glove.
  6. Go to Mutant Falls and talk to Master Hydargol to get the permanent Waterlily Pads.
  7. Move from Mutant Falls to get to Grumhel Forest via The Edge of the Forest.

In short, you need Climbing GearBuoyLucky ShovelBasalt ShardPure WaterSwamp MudScorpscuba CallerZors GloveWaterlily Pads to reach Grumhel Forest.

Here is a complete map.

Grumhel Forest


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