Fire Element
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
P: Strength P: Martial Arts A: Blowtorch Palm    
P: Vigilance P: Warlord  
P: Waïkikidô Elem 5 P: Basalt Armor  
Elem 1 S: Cocoon  
P: Charge A: Kamikaze P: Ram  
Elem 5P: Sprint  
Elem 3P: Kaos Path  

P: Burning Claws C: Smashroom Hunter C: Giant Hunter C: Dragon Hunter  
A: Lava Flow    
A: Burning Breath A: Fire Ball    
E: Combustion S: Torch  
Elem 5 P: Primary Teacher  
Elem 2 P: Absolute Zero  
E: Wrath P: Fury P: Incandescent Aura A: Meteors  
P: Vengeance Elem 5 P: Vendetta  
Elem 4 P: Achilles Heel
P: Warm Blood P: Burning Heart    
A: Nap S: Self-Control S: Brave


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