These skills have a chance of being triggered at the beginning of each of the Dinoz' attack turns.

Each event skill has a trigger and a priority (which is due to its power). When the attack turn arrives, the Dinoz' event skills are sorted by decreasing priority (and power) and then each in turn is given a chance to trigger until one succeeds or all have failed to trigger. After that, the attack is made.

This method ensures that learning weaker (i.e. less powerful) event skills does not decrease the probability of using more powerful event skills.

Event skills can be triggered together with Attack Skills since the event skill will be triggered before the attack skill has replaced the regular assault. In addition, an item can be consumed before an event skill, so it is possible to have three special events with each assault.

It is possible to deactivated unwanted event skills by getting the Strategy in 130 lessons.


Translated French Server Avis Praeda clan page

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