Clans are player groups of DinoRPG. Being part of a Clan allows you to talk with other players, trade techniques, tips, and train yourself. You can join a Clan or create your own Clan from the menu Clans.

Join a Clan

First of all, you can only be part of one Clan.

To join a Clan, you first find one that suits you. The description given by the Clan creator, the presence of friends in this Clan, the Clan's reputation ... all these points will help you to make your choice.

Once you've found a Clan you like, you can ask to become a member. To avoid the non-serious requests, this action cost 1.000 . These gold coins will be lost if your request is accepted by the Clan creator. On the other hand, if your request is refused or if you cancel it, you will get your gold coins back. You can cancel your request at any time before it's been accepted or declined. Let's say you want to request membership in another clan, simply cancel your previous request before it is accepted or declined.

A popular trend is for clans to merge to create super-clans. This leaves behind many inactive members and allows the people who actually do stuff to participate in clan events without being outnumbered in every single fucking battle. The first clans to do this were "The Red Foxes" and "The Warriors of PEN15" to create "The Red Penises". This trend started after the Championship of the clans that started on 7th June after many clans were severely outnumbered in the elimination stages.

Create and manage your Clan

In order to avoid a huge number of empty or inactive Clans, the Clan creation costs 20.000 gold coins and requires you to obtain 15 Ranking points: the equivalent of a level 15 Dinoz or of three level 5 Dinoz.

Once you've created your Clan, you can modify its banner and its description, accept new members into the Clan, give them rights of Clan management, etc...

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