Air Element
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
P: Agility P: Dodge A: Vacuum Disk A: Black Hole    
P: Elasticity Elem 5 P: Overload    
Elem 3 P: Adrenaline    
P: Jump A: Plunging Attack S: Master Leviticus    
P: Stealth      
S: Strategy S: Analyse S: Specialist      
P: Achilles Heel Elem 5 P: Vendetta    
Elem 0 P: Vengeance    
C: Gathering A: Toxic Cloud S: Fetid Breath    
C: Sharp-Eye      
A: Mistral A: Tornado E: Vivacious Wind S: Breath of Life    
S: Vaporous Form Elem 5 P: Bubble    
Elem 2 S: Sapper    
P: Tai-chi P: Awakening P: Lonely Meditation P: Transcendental Meditation E: Immaterial
U: Professor    
A: Ejector Palms Elem 5 A: Jolt    
Elem 1 P: Wild Instinct    
A: Flight          


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