Actions are the main points of activity in Dino-RPG. They give you, as the Dinoz master, the ability to perform various steps with your Dinoz. Some actions can only performed once by your Dinoz in each turn. Others are smaller actions and don't need that much time. That means you don't waste a turn for them. There are a big number of different actions in Dino-RPG. First to mention are the Main Actions. They include steps like Moving, Fighting and Resting and form the main activities. Besides them you may have the possibility to perform other actions too. They are called Minor Actions here and do have in common, that you don't wast a turn to perform them.

Main Actions

With each turn you have some main actions to chose between. They do costs your Dinoz one turn and are usually available independent from where you are. The only exception is a place called Sticky Swamp. There you face the problem, that your Dinoz can only perform certain Main Actions on a certain day of the week.

Action Move Move
"Use this action to travel all over Dinoland world and discover new places. Then wait for the end of the timer to click on the button "New Turn" to play again."
Action Fight Fight
"Search here for a monster and fight him. Then wait for the end of the time to click on the button "New Turn" to play again."
Action Rest Rest
"Your Dinoz can rest to recover health points. During this time, he will not be able to do any other actions!"

Clan War Actions

These actions will cost your Dinoz a turn to perform. They can only be accessed when there is currently a Clan War going on, and your Dinoz are located at a clan castle.

Action Castle Attack Attack the Enemies' Castle
"Start an attack on your enemies' castle!"
After performing this action your Dinoz will have to wait 10 minutes before it can do anything else. If you want to keep attacking the enemy castle after the 10 minutes have passed you will need to buy a Madam Irma's Potion.
If your Dinoz is a group leader, the whole group will attack.
Action Castle Defend Defend the Castle
"You can assign your Dinoz to the castle defense, to protect it from opponents' attacks."
A group leader's followers will have to perform this action manually to help defending the castle.
When your Dinoz dies you will have to manually revive them, so keep an eye out continuously if you value resting hours.
Action Castle Defend Stop Stop Defending
"Your Dinoz will quit castle defense and so able to move and fight again."

Minor Actions

Other actions can be done without using your turn. They can be performed before or after Main Actions and are called Minor Actions here. These special sorts of activities usually depend on the place where your Dinoz is, the quest it is on or the skills your Dinoz have. As there are a large number of these Minor Actions, they are grouped depending on what you need to perform them.

Basic Actions

Basic Actions include those activities which are available at all time. They only might request an item, that you are in process of resting or other conditions described the action's articles.

Action Rest New Turn
"Your Dinoz can play again."
Action Irmas Potion Madam Irma's Potion
"Your Dinoz has had its turn already. However, you can use a Madam Irma's Potion to immediately take an additional turn."
Action Rest Stop Resting
"Your Dinoz is resting currently. You can interrupt him in order to move and fight again."
Action Next Level Next Level
"Your Dinoz has earned enough experience to reach the next level. Click on this action to increase your Dinoz might."
Action Revive Revive
"Your Dinoz is dead, you have to revive him before fighting again."
Keep in mind that you lose experience points when you use this action. Maybe you want to use an Angel Potion instead.

Quest Actions

Quest Actions give your Dinoz the possibility to get and perform a quest (also called mission). When you are at a place where a NPC lives, you got the chance to speak to her or him. The NPC might charge you with a quest, that can be completed with the following actions.

Action Speak Speak
"You can speak with this person."
Action Quest Next Step in Quest
If you have a Quest in progress you can perform a new step. This requires, that you are at the right place.
Action Dig Dig
"Your Dinoz can dig here with the shovel and maybe find a treasure."

Group Actions

Group Actions give your Dinoz the possibility to form a group. This group is leaded by one Dinoz and other Dinoz follow him. As they move trough Dinoland the group will always fight as a team against enemies.

Action Follow Follow
"Your Dinoz can follow another Dinoz of yours if you want, they will move together and help themselves during the battles."
The Dinoz that performs this actions will follow another Dinoz that is the leader of the group then.
A group can only consist of three Dinoz (one leader and two followers) unless the leader has the Charisma skill.
Action Stop Following Stop Following
"At any moment, your Dinoz can stop following another Dinoz."
Stops the Dinoz from following to leader of the group. Remember: You don't wast a turn here.
Action Irmas Potion Group Madam Irma's Potion: Group
"Your Dinoz group has had its turn already. However, if the group uses one Madam Irma's Potion per Dinoz they can immediately take an additional turn."

Ingredients Actions

Ingredient Actions are special activities to collect ingredients. This requires, that your Dinoz has learned a collect skill and that it is at the right place to do so.

Action Rest Go Hunting
"Your Dinoz can hunt wild animals living here, and so collect some precious ingredients."
This is based on the collecting skills of the element Elem 0 Fire. Namely: Smashroom Hunter, Giant Hunter, and Dragon Hunter.
Action Dig Excavate
"Your Dinoz can excavate for ancient artifacts in this place's ground. They are rare, but have a high value!"
This is based on the collecting skills of the element Elem 1 Wood. Namely: Search, Detective, and Archeologist.
Action Rest Go Fishing
"Your Dinoz can Fish various fishes in this place. Take care of the huge pestilential abyssal black shark!"
This is based on the collecting skills of the element Elem 2 Water. Namely: Apprentice Fisherman, Skilled Fisher, and Master Fisher.
Action Rest Energize
"This place is full of powerful elemental energies, your Dinoz can absorb some here."
This is based on the collecting skills of the element Elem 3 Lightning. Namely: Lightning Conductor and Elemental Fission.
Action Rest Harvest
This is based on the collecting skills of the element Elem 4 Air. Namely: Gathering and Sharp-Eye.

Special Actions

Action Enter Enter
"You can explore this place, but take care of not getting lost!"
This action is only available in the Twilight Cemetary.
Action Rest Superdom
"Your Dinoz can take part in the Superdom, a huge team tournament that takes place in the Underwater Dome."
This action is only available in the Underwater Dome.
Action Rest Snowplough
"You can play to the Snowplough using your Xmas tickets, and win numerous gifts!"
This action is only available during Christmas.
Action Rest Freeze your Dinoz
"Allows you to freeze your Dinoz in the Relative Zero Cave"
This action is only available in the Deep Gorges once you have aqcuired the Lantern.
Action Rest Enter the Portal
"Allows you to enter the Portal once you have 7 Dinoz focusing at Mr Bao Bob's House."

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