Brutforce Tournament

The prebattle screen for the BrtuForce Tournament

The Brutforce Tournament is where your Dinoz can battle. It is located at BrutForce. In order to access the tournament, you need an Ashpouk Totem. Once you have one, talk to the Tournament Organizer at BrutForce which will unlock the tournament.

This tournament is a series of one-on-one battles against other dinoz. The first battle is against a level 6 dino, and the level increases by 1 each for following battle.

Each battle costs one turn. Dinoz following in a group can compete individually as long as they have a turn left to spend.


List of Competitors

  1. Patapule, el Toreador Invisible (Level 6 Wanwan)
  2. Grotigurg, the Brillant in Carton (Level 7 Castivorous)
  3. Gromaker, the Magnificent 2000 (Level 8 Gorillaz)
  4. Crimelere, the Gladiator Gifted (Level 9 Softpig)
  5. Ledoner, the Prodigious Pleased (Level 10 Softpig)
  6. Beltesus, the Brillant Indigent (Level 11 Gorillaz)
  7. Gentlopurg, the Laureate Hairy (Level 12 Sirain)
  8. Dastonor, the Weak 3000 (Level 13 Wanwan)
  9. Kralesox, the Killer Invisible (Level 14 Wanwan)
    Bronze Medal Receive Bronze Medal
  10. Durlopisse, the Mighty Destructor (Level 15 Castivorous)
  11. Ptimakaise, the Kind 3000 (Level 16 Castivorous)
  12. Tructutor, the Giant Idiot (Level 17 Softpig)
  13. Henritutule, the Rat Killer watched on TV (Level 18 Softpig)
  14. Ippolutar, the Prodigious Expired (Level 19 Gorillaz)
  15. Alttigar, the Slayer Useless (Level 20 Castivorous)
  16. Toptonus, the Gladiator Magic (Level 21 Rocky)
  17. Nicotapon, the Grand Overpowered (Level 22 Cloudoz)
  18. Qualapus, the Superb from Dinotown (Level 23 Moueffe)
  19. Altmoulere, the Pretentious Fantastic (Level 24 Gorillaz)


1. (Patapule):


XP: 18:36

Skills: Focus

2. (Grotigurg):

HP:100 (?)

XP: 18:35

Skills: Mistral

3. (Gromaker):


XP: 20:35


4. (Crimelere):

HP (later...)

XP: 20:37, 28:33

Skills: Focus, Wrath

5. (Ledoner):

HP:130 (?)

XP: 20:36, 28:34

Skills: Wrath, Water Cannon, Burning Breath

6. (Beltesus):

HP:125 (?)

XP: 20:38, 28:34

Skills: Wrath, Korgon Reinforcements, Focus

7. (Gentlopurg):

HP:130 (?)

XP: 21i:3, 28:34

Skills: Water Cannon, Focus

8. (Dastonor):


XP: 21i:38, 22:36, 28:34

Skills: Water Cannon, Focus, Wrath

9. (Kralesox):


XP: 22:37, 28:34

Skills: Water Cannon, Focus, Mistral

10. (Durlopisse):


XP: 21i: 38, 22:37, 28:35

Skills: Water Cannon, Mistral



XP: 22:38, 22i: 39, 28:35

Skills: Water Cannon, Wrath, Mistral, Korgon Reinforcement

'12. (Tructutor):'

HP:130 (?)

XP: 22:39, 22i:40, 28:35

Skills: Wrath, Water Cannon, Focus

13. (Henritutule):


XP: 20:45, 28:36

Skills: Burning Breath, Lavaflow, Wrath, Water Cannon

14. (Ippolutar):


XP: 21:45, 28:36

Skills: Magic Resistance, Korgon Reinforcements, Vines, Water Cannon

15. (Alttigar):

HP:150 (?)

XP: 22i:45

Skills: Korgon Reinforcements, Mistral, Water Cannon

16. (Toptonus):

HP:100 (?)

XP: 22i:48

Skills: Focus, Double hit

17. (Nicotapon):

HP:120 (?)

XP: 23i:48

Skills: Focus, Double hit, Flight, Mistral, Tricky Hits

18. (Qualapus):

HP:over 110 (later...)

XP: (later...)

Skills: Counter Attack, Mistral, Warth, Burning Breath, Blowtorch Palm

19. (Altmoulere)

HP: 120

XP: 30i:39

Skills: Focus; Korgon Reinforcement; Vines;

20. Julmelisse

HP: 130

XP: 30i:40

Skills: Focus; Water Cannon; Mistral; Flight;

21. Vadatee

HP: 130

XP: 30i:42

Skills: Fire Ball; Counter Attack; Water Cannon; Focus

22. Ptilutus

HP: 130

XP: 30i:43

Skills: Fatal Hit; Mistral; Water Cannon; Focus

23. Qualapus

HP: 130

XP: 30i:42

Skills: Fire Ball; Counter Attack; Water Cannon; Focus

23. Altmoulere

HP: 130


Skills:Burning Breath; Gel

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