Baos Fan

Bao's Fan

Mr Bao Bob's House
Gives you a Bao Charm.


Hello young tamer! Have you spoken to Mister Bao yet? He's great isn't he???
  1. Uh...yes, I suppose
    He's so cool! He took me through Grumhel Forest, he even told me stories as we were travelling! Did you know that he once stunned a Devil Gorilloz! Yep, I know, incredible isn't it! He was even surrounded at the time by dangerous animals and he beat them all!
    1. Wow, that is impressive!
      Yeah! He's agreed to teach me a few things! He said that I'm really gifted for my age! That's good, isn't it? Wait, look, I can bewitch something for you. Want to see?
      1. No thanks
        Oh really? Well it's your loss. sulk.
      2. Ok! (if you don't have the Bao Charm)
        .............. I've finished. Do you want it? Take it... it's a Bao Charm! Be careful with it, OK? It should help your Dinoz during battles. Once all the "spitril" fluid has run out, you can come back here and I'll recharge it for you!
        You now have the charm and can safely end the conversation.
        1. Did you mean "spiritual"?
          Yeah, sorry, that's right. "Spiritual" Ah, these technological words are so difficult to pronounce!
          1. Well, I have to go now. Thanks a lot for the Bao Charm, it was really kind of you!
            Oh no! You're leaving already, that's a shame. You have to come back again, hopefully I'll see you soon.
      3. Ok! (if you already have Bao Charm)
        It seems your Dinoz already has a Bao Charm! Look, it still has some energy left. When it runs out I can recharge it for you.

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