Underwater Dome
Gives you Zors Glove.


The Archsage mansion is at the center of the dome. It's an honorary title given to an Archmage who is too old to use his magic powers. Nonetheless, he is a person of great knowledge even if his words are sometimes too difficult to understand.

  1. Hello! Is someone there?
    Hello hello! What are you looking for? Do you want something? Maybe I can help you?
    1. I'd like to know...
      Ah! Don't say anything! I know what it is you're looking for! You're searching for a BIG TREASURE aren't you!
      1. (A treasure?) Yes that's right!
        Listen to me OK? I'll tell you how to get what you're looking for. If you bring me everything I need yes, you understand, yes? Now, what do you want to know?
        1. ... What?
          Listen. My first is sticky, my second basaltic, my third is pure water. You will need a tool, that yes. A tool to find all. Come back to me and I will give you the treasure, but beware of the danger! F-O-E!
          1. Show the ingredients (if you have Swamp Mud, Basalt Shard, and Pure Water)
            This makes you fight an Earth Elemental.
            Winning: Oh! Bravo! Bravo! Thanks, and bravo again! Here's your reward, your Dinoz received a BIG TREASURE! (Zors Glove)
            Losing: (later...)

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