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Apprentice Padamonk

Apprentice Padamonk

Frish Port
Gives you the Waterlily Pads to bring to Master Hydargol, who will then give you the Fountain Pearl.


Hello. Uhhh... I am Damper, padamonk of Master Hydargol. And, uhh... I have to bring these waterlily pads to him. The problem is that, uhhh… I just realized that I have seasickness... and I need to bring the waterlily pads to the Atlanteid Islands. I don't know what to do!!!

  1. I have to go there too. I can bring it t-
    Really, you'll help me?? Many thanks!
    1. Uhh ... You're welcome
      I'm so glad that I can count on you! Here, these are the waterlily pads he needs. Thank you! And may the Holy Force be with you!

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