I'm allergic to certain plants that are found in the jungle ... but I don't know which ones! Can you gather some suspicious-looking plants for me so I can carry out some tests?
Zors GloveWaterlily Pads
This quest requires a minimum of 5 steps.
Assigned By 
Nicolas Mulot

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Sinister Path and click the "Furuncle Figonicia".
  2. Go to the Haunted Hills and click the "Black Purulent".
  3. Go to the Jumin River and click the "Mud Viscous".
  4. Validate the mission at The Edge of the Forest.



  • Once you have completed this mission, Remedy becomes the only mission you can choose from Nicolas Mulot. All the others will be disabled until Remedy is completed.

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