Before starting my long and dangerous journey, there's one more thing I need, a good backpack. I lost mine when I was travelling through the Mutant Falls ... Can you find it for me?
Zors GloveWaterlily Pads Completed Cartography + some other mission
This quest requires a minimum of 14 steps for walking, plus any additional turns needed to fight the monsters.
Assigned By 
Nicolas Mulot

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to the Mutant Falls and speak with Extreme Fisherman.
  2. Go to the Sticky Swamp and speak with Seeweed Harvester.
  3. Go to the Coral Mines. Click "Interrogate Miners", then speak with "Miner that Takes a Break"
  4. Go to Frish Port and speak with "Busy Fisher"
  5. Go to Dinotown. Click " Find a Bobbin", then speak with "Dressmaker"
  6. Go to the The Fountain of Youth. Kill 2 Giant Chickens
  7. Go back to Dinotown and speak with "Dressmaker".
  8. Go back to Frish Port and speak with "Busy Fisher"
  9. Validate the mission at The Edge of the Forest.


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